Boiler installation or adjustment or maintenance or repair services


We specialize in manufacturing and sales of connectors Renhotec Group is established in May of 2005 and professional on connectors R&D, manufacturing and sales. Over the years we have designed a

Cheltenham Heating
United Kingdom

Cheltenham Heating provides domestic heating, plumbing, and electrical services since 1973. Cheltenham Heating specializes in providing domestic heating, plumbing and electrical services. Their servi
,, is an online store, which sells wide range of new and used boilers. specializes in selling variety of new and used boilers through online. The company also sepcializes i

Nu Metro Theatres
South Africa

Nu Metro Theatres is a cinema complex in Nairobi, which offers latest movies. Nu Metro Theatres a Division of Johnnic Book Retail Ltd, which is a cinema complex in Nairobi, where they offer movies wi

Flotek International Pvt Ltd

Flotek International Pvt Ltd manufactures, and export world class engineering products from India. Flotek International Pvt Ltd manufactures products such as gate valve, globe valve, check valve, saf

American Solar Inc
Virginia, United States

American Solar Inc is a manufacturer of new thermal solar heating systems. American Solar Inc specializes in manufacturing new thermal solar heating systems. Their products include solar roofing, sol

Biomass Combustion Systems
Massachusetts, United States

Biomass Combustion Systems is a manufacturer of wood fired boiler and furnace systems. Biomass Combustion Systems specializes in manufacturing wood fired boiler and furnace systems. Their products in

Ghs Refractories Limited
United Kingdom

Ghs Refractories Limited specializes in manufacturing dense castables, insulation castables, mortars and mouldables for over 16 years. Ghs Refractories Limited manufactures dense castables, insulatio

Docherty Chimney Group
United Kingdom

Docherty Chimney Group manufactures chimney products for past 40 years. Docherty Chimney Group manufacturer of flue and chimney products. They are certified by ISO9002 accreditation. Their products a

BBT Thermotechnology CZ s.r.o
Czech Republic

BBT Thermotechnology CZ s.r.o manufactures and distributes wide range of heating boilers for solid fuels, gas and furnace oil production purpose. BBT Thermotechnology CZ s.r.o specializes in producin