Caribbean Clear
South Carolina, United States

Caribbean Clear manufactures copper or silver ionization products for spas, backyard pools and commercial applications since 1980. Caribbean Clear specializes in manufacturing and copper or silver io

Lonza Group Ltd

Lonza Group Ltd is a manufacturer of active ingredients, intermediates, APIs and biopharmaceuticals equipments. Lonza Group Ltd specializes in manufacturing active ingredients, intermediates, APIs an

Cascade Water Services Inc
New York, United States

Cascade Water Services Inc is a service provider which specializes in providing solutions water treatment, for over 25 years. Cascade Water Services Inc is a service provider which provides solutions

Kem Canada Mfg
Ontario, Canada

Kem Canada Mfg manufactures chemicals for agricultural, industrial, institutional, environmental and maintenance market sectors. Kem Canada Mfg is a division of RDI Chemical Corporation, specializes

D.W.Davies and Co Inc
Wisconsin, United States

D.W.Davies and Co Inc manufactures and supplies specialty chemical, cleaning, and maintenance products for industry. D.W.Davies and Co Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying specialty chemica

Lo Chlor Chemicals
Florida, United States

Lo Chlor Chemicals is a distributor of variety of pool chemicals to control the growth of certain kinds of algae and bacteria in the pool water. Lo Chlor Chemicals specializes in distributing variety

Aries Chemical Inc
New York, United States

Aries Chemical Inc distributes variety of chemicals products and equipments for water treatment applications. Aries Chemical Inc specializes in supplying wide range of chemicals products and equipmen


Focuspools specializes in supplying Chemicals, Nature2 for spas and the pools. Focuspools provides salt water chlorine generator, clear water replacement parts, nature2 replacement parts, pool frog r