Floor boxes

Oshkosh designs
Wisconsin, United States

Oshkosh designs are a manufacturer of floor design for more than 100 years. Oshkosh designs are a manufacturer of floor design element. Some of their collections include hardwood medallions, borders,

Renaissance Floor Inlays
California, United States

Renaissance Floor Inlays specializes in designing and creating custom hardwood floors since 1989. Renaissance Floor Inlays products include hand cut in-lays, marquetry techniques, medallions, panels,

Dean Hardwoods Inc.
Pennsylvania, United States

Dean Hardwoods Inc. is a manufacturer of wood products. Dean Hardwoods Inc. also performs hardwood flooring, marine applications and custom mouldings. The company is a member of national wood floorin

Pergo AB

Pergo AB manufactures laminate flooring products for more than 120 years. Pergo AB specializes in manufacturing laminate flooring products. Their products include Pergo Accolade, Pergo Presto, Pergo


FloorballAuthority.com since 1998 is retail Business Company provides Floor ball goods and services. FloorballAuthority.com is a subsidiary of American Floorball Authority Inc (AFA). The company supp

Barefoot Floor Inc
Pennsylvania, United States

Barefoot Floor Inc provides home remodeling services for kitchen, bathroom, vanities, cabinets, granite countertops, etc. Barefoot Floor Inc specializes in designing home remodeling services. They pr

Able Concrete Raising, Inc.
MN, United States

WE RAISE SUNKEN CONCRETE We raise sunken or uneven concrete, sidewalks, driveways, patios, pool decks, steps, garage floors, basement floors, warehouse floors

United States

Polished Concrete and Decorative Concrete Floors This site provides information on all aspects of polished concrete and decorative concrete floors.

IL, 0

Our website provides information on cork flooring products, and the way to install right cork flooring for home or business. Cork Flooring Pros is a website which provides information on cork floorin

Blastoff Ltd
Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Blastoff Ltd is a service provider, which offers industrial cleaning and flooring services for coatings and flooring industries since 1974. Blastoff Ltd specializes in providing industrial cleaning a