Heat sink compounds

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We focus on research, development, manufacturing and marketing of new pharmaceutical, agrochemical and advanced intermediates, as well as advanced technology services. Jiaxing Carry Bio-Chem Technolo

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Kenmore specializes in manufacturing water treatment compounds and water softeners. Kenmore specializes in manufacturing water treatment compounds and water softeners.

Intertrans., Corp
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We can supply: Blue Stone, Crystal White Marble, Lemon Yellow Marble, Black Vein Marble, Decorative Stone like Yellow Mushroom Chiselled Slate and other kinds of stone as per customer’srequest

Mark V
California, United States

Mark V supplies professional detailing systems. Mark V specializes in supplying professional detailing systems. The company products include cleaners, compounds, polishes, dressings, solvents, and de

Kalchem International Inc
Oklahoma, United States

Kalchem International Inc provides online supply of chemicals and compounding supplies since 1999. Kalchem International Inc specializes in distributing chemicals and compounding supplies through onl

Eastman Chemical Company
Tennessee, United States

Eastman Chemical Company produces and supplies more than 400 chemicals, fibers and plastics since 1920. Eastman Chemical Company products include acetate yarn, acids and anhydrides, cellulose esters,

Allchem Laboratories
Gujarat, India

Allchem Laboratories specializes in manufacturing specialty intermediaries and fine chemicals. Allchem Laboratories manufactures chemicals like heterocyclic amines, nitriles, aryl/aliphatic amine, ar

Kingherb Changchun Inc

Kingherb Changchun Inc manufactures products for organic agriculture products, food ingredients, health ingredients and pharmaceutical ingredients. Kingherb Changchun Inc specializes in producing pro

Advanced Research in Chemistry B.V

Advanced Research in Chemistry B.V supplies chemical compounds and chemical specialties since 1989. Advanced Research in Chemistry B.V specializes in providing stable isotopes, chemical specialties a

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4PLAS Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing plastic products. 4PLAS Ltd manufactures and distributes plastic products. They provide engineering plastics in unreinforced, flame retardant,