Application implementation services

New Zealand

IRG Ltd specializes in providing information, analysis and advice about investments both locally and in Australia since 1963. IRG Ltd (Investment Research Group Ltd) provides integrated service cover

Pegasus Imaging Corporation
Florida, United States

Pegasus Imaging Corporation develops digital imaging software development components, image compression, and image editing technologies since 1991. Pegasus Imaging Corporation specializes in developi

Lohmann X-Ray GmbH

Lohmann X-Ray GmbH manufactures wide range of X-ray tubes since 1946. Lohmann X-Ray GmbH specializes in manufacturing various X-ray tubes for industrial and medical applications. Few of their X-ray t

Dutch Rectifier Group

Dutch Rectifier Group manufactures rectifiers for more than 50 years. Dutch Rectifier Group specializes in manufacturing various rectifiers ranging from 1 A to 20, 000 A, and 1 V to 400 V, which is u

Hauser Truck Sales
California, United States

Hauser Truck Sales distributes wide range of used trucks for more than 50 years. Hauser Truck Sales specializes in distributing variety of used trucks and vans for several applications. Few of their

Pearson Canada
Ontario, Canada

Pearson Canada is an international media company, which distributes and publishes educational needs. Pearson Canada is an international media company, which specializes in distributing and publishing

CamLogic S.n.c

CamLogic S.n.c is a manufacture of variety of level gauge for more than 40 years. CamLogic S.n.c specializes in manufacturing level gauge for various industrial applications. Their products include s

Halco Lighting Corporation
Georgia, United States

Halco Lighting Corporation manufactures a variety of lamps for residential, industrial/commercial and special lighting applications since 1974. Halco Lighting Corporation products include decorative,

Able Software Corp
Massachusetts, United States

Able Software Corp specializes in developing R2V and 3D doctor software since 1993. Able Software Corp develops R2V and 3D doctor software. They develop softwares for image processing, GIS, mapping,

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