Environmental chemistry advisory services

Portobello High School
United Kingdom

Portobello High School is a secondary school in the east of Edinburgh. Portobello High School in Edinburgh specializes in providing education for students. Subjects included in Portobello High School


Chem1 provides guided, interactive, and in depth instruction in general chemistry for advanced high school and college level. Chem1 specializes in providing guided, interactive, and in depth instruct

Jampack Enterprises Ltd.

Jampack Enterprises Ltd. is a Russian Dutch company, works as the exporter of the Russian chemical production since 1994. The company`s main markets are African and Asian countries. Jampack Enterpris

Biochemical Systems International

Biochemical Systems International specializes in producing and distributing rapid diagnostics products since 1991. Biochemical Systems International produces and distributes of rapid diagnostics prod

Chem Data

Chem Data supplies chemistry related books and charts for students and schools. Chem Data specializes in supplying chemistry related books and charts for students and schools. Few of their products a

Olympus America Inc
Pennsylvania, United States

Olympus America Inc manufactures imaging and medical systems since 1919. Olympus America Inc specializes in producing imaging and medical systems. The company product includes chemistry immuno system

New York, United States

Filmart is a supplier of photographic products, for the past 16 years. Filmart supplies includes: professional and amateur film, paper, chemistry, batteries, single-use cameras, disposable cameras, m

Mercedes Medical
Florida, United States

Mercedes Medical supplies physician and laboratory products for more than 15 years. Mercedes Medical specializes in supplying physician and laboratory products for more than 15 years. The company pro

Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics
New York, United States

Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics manufactures and distributes wide range of diagnostics products. Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics specializes in manufacturing and supplying wide range of d