Noise pollution protection services
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GigaSim Inc
Florida, United States

GigaSim Inc manufactures wide range of microwave simulation software. GigaSim Inc specializes in the manufacture of microwave and RF design software.

Electronica Argal S A

Electronica Argal S A manufactures all kind of inductive components since 1979. Electronica Argal S A specializes in manufacturing all kind of inductive components. Their product includes coils, chok

High Energy Devices LLC
Missouri, United States

High Energy Devices LLC specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing energy transfer surge protectors since 2001. High Energy Devices LLC designs, manufactures and markets energy transfer su

Microwave Amps Ltd
Somerset, United Kingdom

Microwave Amps Ltd designs and manufactures microwave frequency amplifiers for research, industrial, and commercial applications since 1991. Microwave Amps Ltd specializes in designing, manufacturing

Cableco Technologies
California, United States

Cableco Technologies designs and manufactures low voltage drop power cabling systems. Cableco Technologies specializes in designing and manufacturing low voltage drop power cabling systems. Their pro


COSEL Co Ltd manufactures converters and filters for the electronic industry since 1969. COSEL Co Ltd produces converters and filters for the electronic industry. They offer products like single pba

Norsat International Inc
British Columbia, Canada

Norsat International Inc manufactures and supplies microwave components and portable satellite systems for more than 30 years. Norsat International Inc specializes in manufacturing and providing micr

Industrial Noise Reduction Ltd
Hampshire, United Kingdom

Industrial Noise Reduction Ltd designs, manufactures, and installs industrial acoustic enclosures for more than 80 years. Industrial Noise Reduction Ltd specializes in designing, manufacturing, and i

Astech Engineered Products Inc
California, United States

Astech Engineered Products Inc distributes lightweight, heat resistant, and noise suppression structures. Astech Engineered Products Inc specializes in supplying variety of lightweight, heat resistan