Pesticides pollution assessment

Dalian, China

Daliandc is a manufacturer of dyes and chemicals since 1988. Daliandc performs export business of dyes, dye intermediates, pesticide, other organic, inorganic chemicals, agrochemical and other chemic

Goodwill Group
Maharashtra, India

Goodwill Group manufactures products like organics, chemicals, dyes, intermediates, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, etc., since 1968. Goodwill Group specializes in manufacturing chemical products for th

Kusalava International Ltd
Andhra Pradesh, India

Kusalava International Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter of cylinder liner products. Kusalava International Ltd specializes in manufacturing and exporting cylinder liner products. Their products are

Barkers` International Gourmet Bakery Ltd
Illinois, United States

Barkers` International Gourmet Bakery Ltd is a pet food manufacturing company specializing in baked goods for dogs. Barkers` International Gourmet Bakery Ltd specializing in manufacturing baked goods

AgriZap Inc
California, United States

AgriZap Inc manufactures rodent control systems. AgriZap Inc specializes in manufacturing rodent control systems. Their product lines are rat zapper ultra, rat zapper classic, rat tale, and battle st

Pest Control Inc.
Georgia, United States

Pest Control Inc. supplies products for residential and commercial control of pests. They carry baits, insecticides, pesticides, termiticides, rodenticides, and traps Pest Control Inc. distributes pr

Pest Control Solutions
Tennessee, United States

Pest Control Solutions supplies pest control products. Pest Control Solutions specializes in supplying pest control products. They supply products for birds, flying insects, general pests, baits, con

Lady Bugs

Lady Bugs provides various pest control products for lady beetles and other insects since 1990. Lady Bugs specializes in distributing wide range of pesticides to control heavy infestations of lady be

Jasbri Trading
South Africa

Jasbri Trading is a distributor of variety of flytrap and ziganov cigarettes. Jasbri Trading specializes in distributing variety of flytrap and ziganov cigarettes. Their products include ziganov colo
Jiangsu, 0

We specialize in manufacturing Chlorinated chemicals in China since 1995. Jiangsu Huanxin High-tech Materials Co. Ltd is a manufacturer of Chlorinated chemicals in China. The products produced are ba