Phosphates pollution assessment

Pfizer Inc

Pfizer Inc is a manufacturer of animal healthcare products since 1849. Pfizer Inc specializing in manufactuirng wide range of animal healthcare porducts. They offer products like ansaid, arthrotec, c

General Spring LLC
Tennessee, United States

General Spring LLC manufactures variety of springs since 1963. General Spring LLC specializes in manufacturing wide range of springs for residential, commercial and rolling steel application. Few of

AG Specialties LLC
Oregon, United States

AG Specialties LLC distributes fertilizers, animal feed ingredients and industrial chemicals. AG Specialties LLC is a supplier of commodity fertilizers, animal feed ingredients, chemicals, micronutri

King Hung Chemicals Ltd

King Hung Chemicals Ltd is exporting chemical products from industrial, cosmetic, food and feed, pharmaceutical, reactive and specialty chemicals industries. King Hung Chemicals Ltd specializes in di

Guangzhou Jinhuada Chemical Reagent Co Ltd
Guangdong, China

Guangzhou Jinhuada Chemical Reagent Co Ltd produces chemical reagents, food additives, raw chemical medicines and refined chemicals since 1975. Guangzhou Jinhuada Chemical Reagent Co Ltd specializes
Guizhou, 0

We are a leading manufacturer and trader of phosphate chemical products. Our company is located in Guiyang Guizhou, the capital of phosphorus of Asia. Guizhou Jiasheng Chemical Co., Ltd specializes i

Gerafak Ltd

Gerafak Ltd manufactures and distributes chemical products since 1988. Gerafak Ltd specializes in producing and supplying chemical products. The company product includes alkylsulfonate, methylene chl

The Mosaic Company
Minnesota- MN, United States

The Mosaic Company manufactures and distributes wide range of phosphates, nitrogen fertilizers and feed ingredients. The Mosaic Company specializes in manufacturing and supplying phosphates, nitrogen

Johoku Chemical Co Ltd

Johoku Chemical Co Ltd is a manufacturer of variety of phosphorous compounds for various industrial applications for more than 40 years. Johoku Chemical Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing variety of

Palm International Inc.
Tennessee, United States

Palm International Inc. is a multifaceted company manufacturing nickel and rare earth chemical. Palm International Inc. manufacture Electroless Nickel grade, liquid nickel sulfate in the USA along wi