Anti corrosives

Kerick Valve Inc
Florida, United States

Kerick Valve Inc distributes variety of valves, float balls and stainless float rods. Kerick Valve Inc specializes in distributing wide range of corrosion resistant PVC float valves, float balls and

Highlands Aviation Inc
Florida, United States

Highlands Aviation Inc provides aircraft painting and interior refurbishment since 1974. Highlands Aviation Inc has been approved by EPA for stripping and refinishing facility.

Applied Plastics Co Inc
Massachusetts, United States

Applied Plastics Co Inc provides electro statically applied powder coatings for more than 40 years. Applied Plastics Co Inc specializes in providing electro statically applied powder coatings for cor

American Metallurgical Consultants
Florida, United States

American Metallurgical Consultants specializes in providing failure analysis, metallurgy, welding, and corrosion services for customers. American Metallurgical Consultants provides failure analysis,

Moly White Pigments Group
Ohio- OH, United States

Moly White Pigments Group manufactures and distributes corrosion inhibitors. Moly White Pigments Group specializes in manufacturing and distributing corrosion inhibitors. The company products include

Crucible Compaction
Pennsylvania, United States

Crucible Compaction specializes in providing P/M alloys. Crucible Compaction provides P/M alloys. Their products include super alloys, corrosion resistant alloys, wear resistant alloys, bearing alloy

Interplastic Corporation
Minnesota, United States

Interplastic Corporation manufactures and distributes wide range of plastics, resins and polymer products. Interplastic Corporation has three divisions namely North American Composites, Interplastic

EHRI Pipeline and Rotomoulding Coatings BV

EHRI Pipeline and Rotomoulding Coatings BV develops protective systems and coatings. EHRI Pipeline and Rotomoulding Coatings BV specializes in developing protective systems and coatings. Their pipeli

Haynes International Inc

Haynes International Inc is an inventor, developer and producer of nickel- and cobalt-based alloys. Haynes International Inc products include corrosion resistant alloys, high temperature alloys, Hayn

United States

Jet-Hot produces variety of coatings for industrial applications. Jet-Hot specializes in producing various coatings for industrial applications, which includes insulation, corrosion resistance, abras