Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC
Texas, United States

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC specializes in the manufacture of olefins and polyolefins. Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC is a manufacturer of olefins and polyolefins. They offer product

Gujarat, India

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Buneesha Chem Pvt Ltd
Maharashtra, India

Buneesha Chem Pvt Ltd specializes in distributing solvents since 1991. Buneesha Chem Pvt Ltd distributes solvents. The company products include acetic acid acetone, ortho xylene, mix xylene, methanol

Reliance Industries Ltd
Maharashtra, India

Reliance Industries Ltd manufactures and supplies wide range of petroleum products, polyester products, polyester intermediates, plastics, polymer intermediates, chemicals and synthetic textiles and f

World Chem Corporation
Gujarat, India

World Chem Corporation manufactures and distributes chemical and dyes and pharma intermediates. World Chem Corporation specializes in manufacturing and distributing chemical and dyes and pharma inter

Polimeri Europa

Polimeri Europa manufactures and supplies petrochemical products. Polimeri Europa specializes in manufacturing and supplying petrochemical products. Their products are ethylene, propylene, butadiene,

Alabama, United States

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Sunoco Inc

Sunoco Inc specializes in producing chemical products such as phenol, acetone, nonene, tetramer, alpha methylstyrene, toluene, xylene, benzene, cyclohexane, bisphenol A, and polypropylene. Sunoco Inc

Fiton Technologies Corp.
Ontario, Canada

Fiton Technologies Corp. is a environmental remediation firm, in Canada. Fiton Technologies Corp. has the worldwide license to use the Fiton process, a breakthrough bioremediation technology called b

China, China

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