Acroyali Holdings Qingdao Co., Ltd.

Acroyali Holdings Qingdao Co., Ltd. is a food ingredients supplier for the food industry in China. Acroyali Holdings Qingdao Co. , Ltd. main products are agar-agar powder, carrageenan refined and sem

Shell Chemicals Ltd
United Kingdom

Shell Chemicals Ltd manufactures petrochemicals since 1929. Shell Chemicals Ltd specializes in manufacturing petrochemicals. Few of their products include alpha olefins and detergent alcohols, ethyle


Earthchylde supplies avalon range, bath and bubbles, beauty care products, baby car, free booklets, etc. Earthchylde specializes in supplying avalon range, bath and bubbles, beauty care products, bab

Millennium Chemicals

Millennium Chemicals manufactures variety of products and services for several industries. Millennium Chemicals specializes in manufacturing wide range of products several industries around the world
Shandong, 0

We specialize in manufacturing dimethyl carbonate, propylene glycol, isopropyl alcohol, propylene carbonate and diisopropyl ether since 2002. “Hi-tech Spring Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a ma
Henah, 0

We are a leading supplier of chemical products of paints and coating for petrochemical industries, pharmaceutical and agriculture industries, since 1995. Henan Harvest Chemical Co., Ltd is a leading

Onlychem (Jinan) Biotech Co., Ltd
Shandong, China

Onlychem (Jinan) Biotech Co., Ltd can provide innovative biochemical and chemical raw material in cosmetic, life science and other industries around the globe. We’re a growing, dynamic company w

Interstate Chemical Co Inc
New Mexico- NM, United States

Interstate Chemical Co Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of chemicals since 1968. Interstate Chemical Co Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing chemicals. Their products include alipha
Hebei, 0

We specialize in producing middle-grade, and high-grade windows and doors sealing rubber strip. Our company has advanced production equipment, strong technical force in PVC, thermoplastic elastomer ru

Flatout Group Inc
Illinois, United States

Flatout Group Inc supplies gaskets products. Flatout Group Inc supplies gaskets products. Their products include engineered soft gasket paper, solid core laminate, graphite on core, rubber coated cop