Contagious disease prevention and control


We specialize in manufacturing and sales of connectors Renhotec Group is established in May of 2005 and professional on connectors R&D, manufacturing and sales. Over the years we have designed a LLC
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British Columbia, Canada

CMDR is a microbial diseases and immunity research center. CMDR specializes as a microbial diseases and immunity research center. Their service includes encouraging collaboration among microbial dise

American Heart Association Inc
Texas, United States

American Heart Association Inc provides healthcare services for cardiovascular diseases since 1924. American Heart Association Inc specializes in providing healthcare services for cardiovascular dise

InBios International Inc
Washington- WA, United States

InBios International Inc manufactures and distributes medical diagnostic tests for the detection of infectious diseases since 1996. InBios International Inc specializes in manufacturing and distribut

Florida Probe Corporation
Florida, United States

Florida Probe Corporation since 1988 specializes in providing medical related services. Florida Probe Corporation provides medical practicing facility to periodontists, dentist, hygienists, and medic

ppoNEXT Inc
Texas, United States

ppoNEXT Inc is a preferred provider organizations (PPO) with a large network of healthcare facilities since 1999. ppoNEXT Inc is a national independent preferred provider organizations (PPO) with a n

Incyte Corporation
Delaware, United States

Incyte Corporation discovers and develops drugs for cancer, diabetes, and inflammatory diseases. Incyte Corporation specializes in developing drugs that inhibit specific enzymes associated with cance

Celgene Corporation
New Jersey, United States

Celgene Corporation discovers and develops therapies to treat cancer and immunological diseases since 1986. Celgene Corporation specializes in discovering and developing therapies to treat cancer and

Elan Corporation plc

Elan Corporation plc develops, manufactures, and distributes therapies in neurology, autoimmune diseases, and severe pain. Elan Corporation plc specializes in developing, manufacturing, and distribut