Abrasion resistant castable

Bittner Industries Inc
Alabama, United States

Bittner Industries Inc is a manufacturer of corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant linings for tanks and pipe and fiberglass reinforced plastic products since 1955. Bittner Industries Inc special

Kubota Metal Corporation
Ontario, Canada

Kubota Metal Corporation specialize in the manufacture of heat resistant cast steel products since 1935. Kubota Metal Corporation offer products like heat resistant, corrosion resistant, abrasion res

Hasle Industries A/S

Hasle Industries A/S is a manufacturer and distributor of variety of refractory castables, precast elements, and other unique products since 1843. Hasle Industries A/S specializes in manufacturing an

Able Supply Company
Texas- TX, United States

Able Supply Company is a manufacturer of dense and light weight castable refractories, gunning and ramming mixes, plastic refractory, mortars, fire proofing materials since 1929. Able Supply Company

Gunatit Builders
Gujarat, India

Gunatit Builders supplies hot dip galvanizing plant for more than 40 years Gunatit Builders specializes in supplying hot dip galvanizing plant for more than 40 years. The company products include ung

shandong province, 0

We are a high and new technology cooperation specializes in the production of alumina and zirconia series ceramic products. Zibo dongrun ceramic technology co.,ltd is a high and new technology cooper

PACE Technologies
Arizona- AZ, United States

PACE Technologies supplies metallographic equipments and consumables. PACE Technologies specializes in supplying metallographic equipments and consumables for material analysis. Few of their products

Blastech Corporation
Ontario, Canada

Blastech Corporation is a service provider, which offers surface preparation cleaning and corrosion resistant protective coatings since 1989. Blastech Corporation specializes in providing surface pre

Moon Fabricating Corporation
Indiana- IN, United States

Moon Fabricating Corporation produces corrosion resistant lining products since 1923. Moon Fabricating Corporation specializes in manufacturing corrosion resistant lining products for steel, power, m

Jadco Inc
Pennsylvania, United States

Jadco Inc supplies impact resistants, wear resistants and abrasion resistant steel plates. Jadco Inc specializes in supplying chromeweld 600, various screen plates, bars, etc. , for mining aggregate,