Abrasive stones

Abetech S.A

Abetech S.A. manufactures abrasives products since 1984. Abetech S.A specializes manufacturing variety of abrasives for the renovation and the treatment of floors especially hardwood floorings and na

Flat Rock Bagging (FRB)
Michigan, United States

Flat Rock Bagging (FRB) since 1962 specializes in distributing industrial type sand products. Flat Rock Bagging (FRB) provides rock salt, deicers, abrasive sands, silica sands, filters sands, concret

Diamond Machining Technology
Missouri, United States

Diamond Machining Technology manufactures knife and tool sharpeners since 1983. Diamond Machining Technology specializes in manufacturing knife and tool sharpeners for culinary, lawn and garden, wood

Fujian Wanlong Diamond Tool Co., Ltd
Fujian, China

Manufacturer and Exporter of Diamond Tools, Stone Machinery and Stone Products in China since 1993, Consistent Quality, Fast Delivery and Reasonable Price. Fujian Wanlong Diamond Tools Co., Ltd, loc

Smirdex Coated Abrasives Industry

Smirdex Coated Abrasives Industry specializes in the manufacture of coated abrasives since 1981. Smirdex Coated Abrasives Industry designs and manufactures coated abrasives for a wide range of indust

Abrasive Technology Inc
Ohio, United States

Abrasive Technology Inc specializes in the manufacture of diamond tooling for the lapidary market since 1971. Abrasive Technology Inc is a manufacturer of diamond tooling for the lapidary market. The