Copper plaster mold castings

Talbot Associates Inc
New Jersey- NJ, United States

Talbot Associates Inc manufactures and distributes metal products for aerospace and defense markets since 1944. Talbot Associates Inc specializes in producing and supplying metal products for aerospa

Chicago School of Mold Making
Illinois, United States

Chicago School of Mold Making specializes in providing technical information, materials and products related to art of mold making and casting. Chicago School of Mold Making specializes in providing

General Foundry Service
California, United States

General Foundry Service is a producer of aluminum and zinc products since 1946. General Foundry Service specializes in manufacturing aluminum and zinc products using precision sand and investment cas

A and M Victorian Decorations
California, United States

A and M Victorian Decorations have been manufacturing architectural cast stone, sandstone and plaster products since 1979. A and M Victorian Decorations manufactures architectural cast stone, sandsto

Armstrong Mold Corporation
New York, United States

Armstrong Mold Corporation is a manufacturer of metal and plastic components for more than 30 years. Armstrong Mold Corporation specializes in manufacturing metal and plastic components. Their servic

Allied Mineral Products Inc
Ohio, United States

Allied Mineral Products Inc designs, manufactures and supplies monolithic refractories and pre cast refractory shapes. Allied Mineral Products Inc specializes in designing, manufacturing and supplyin

Reynolds Advanced Materials
Texas, United States

Reynolds Advanced Materials specializes in supplying mold rubber and casting resins since 1963. Reynolds Advanced Materials supplies mold rubber and casting resins. Their products include liquid plas

Hitchiner Manufacturing Co Inc
New Hampshire, United States

Hitchiner Manufacturing Co Inc is a distributor of variety of investment castings and fully finished casting based subassemblies and components to various industry since 1946. Hitchiner Manufacturing

Lance Gypsum Products

Lance Gypsum Products is a supplier of provides molding, casting, and modeling products since 1945. Lance Gypsum Products specializes in providing molding, casting, and modeling products. Their produ