Bare cable

Matejka Cable Recovery Inc

Matejka Cable Recovery Inc is a service provider, which offers recycling services to the recycling industry for more than 28 years. Matejka Cable Recovery Inc specializes in providing recycling servi


Fiber is a manufacturer of data communications products, for the past 30 years. Fiber is a manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic cables, copper cables, cable assemblies, and ot

The Furukawa Electric Co Ltd

The Furukawa Electric Co Ltd manufactures wide range of power equipments for telecommunication industry. The Furukawa Electric Co Ltd specializes in producing wide range of power equipments for telec

HyperTech Computers Inc
Kansas- KS, United States

HyperTech Computers Inc sells computer accessories. HyperTech Computers Inc specializes in selling computer accessories. Few of their products include controllers, CPUs, external enclosures, fans, fa

Maharashtra, India

BGB distributes wide range of transmission line material since 1955. BGB specializes in supplying various transmission line equipments. Few of their products include low and high tension porcelain in

Motion Control Technologies Inc
New Jersey- NJ, United States

Motion Control Technologies Inc manufacturers cable assemblies, mechanical cable assemblies, cable assemblies, cable lanyards, wire rope assemblies, and motion control products for more than 30 years.

Shanghai People's Cable Group
shanghai, China

Shanghai People Group is specialized incable wires and cables, cable accessories, cable materials, production and management, research and development of high-tech enterprise, is to prticipate in nati

Basic Wire
Illinois, United States

Basic Wire specializes in distributing wire and cable for more than 25 years. Basic Wire distributes wire and cable. Their products include apparatus switchboard high temperature, appliance fixture m
Greater Manchester, 0

We specialize in manufacturing Thermocouple and RTD cable since1987 SK Wiring is a manufacturer of Thermocouple and RTD cable. The company insulates thermocouple types like K,J,T,N,RCA,KCB,VX,E,B in

American Power Connection Systems Inc
Michigan, United States

American Power Connection Systems Inc is a manufacture of custom designed laminated shunts, bus bars, and cables since 1992. American Power Connection Systems Inc specializes in manufacturing custom