Fluoropolymers PTFE

Holscot Fluoroplastics Ltd.
United Kingdom

Holscot Fluoroplastics Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of processable fluoroplastics since 1970. Holscot Fluoroplastics Ltd. products include PTFE, FEP and laterally PFA were created for a variet

Leeds Bronze Engineering Limited
United Kingdom

Leeds Bronze Engineering Limited specializes in the manufacture of bronze products since 1974. Leeds Bronze Engineering Limited specializes in the manufacture of bronze products. They offer products

Axon cable Sas

Axon cable Sas manufactures variety of connectors. AXON CABLE SAS specializes in manufacturing connectors. Their products include wires, round or flat cables, composite cables, coaxial cables, assem

Northland Engineered Products, Inc.
Massachusetts, United States

Northland Engineered Products, Inc. provides with products like heated wipers, carriers, etc. Northland Engineered Products, Inc. products are heated windsheild wipers, PTFE carriers for wafers and t

Precision Weighing Balances
Massachusetts, United States

Precision Weighing Balances is a supplier of balances and scales since 1996. Precision Weighing Balances specializes in supplying balances and scales to industrial, educational and government sectors

Aflex Hose Ltd
United Kingdom

Aflex Hose Ltd manufactures PTFE lined flexible hoses for more than 30 years. Aflex Hose Ltd specializes in manufacturing PTFE lined flexible hoses for the transfer of process fluids in pharmaceutica

Aerospace Division - Clevedon
Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Aerospace Division – Clevedon manufactures self-lubricating plain bearings for aerospace and industrial applications. Aerospace Division – Clevedon was formerly known as AMPEP and establi

Anoplate Corporation
New York, United States

Anoplate Corporation offers metal finishing services and plating of metals since 1960. Anoplate Corporation provides various metal finishing services and plating of copper, nickel, chromium, zinc, ca